B2B2C in personal healthcare

Medistance Connect application for B2B2C allows personalized and automated interaction, communication of the platform with particular clients, using their profiles developed on the basis of their master data, health profile, lifestyle activities as well as behavioural data. In the next step, the solution enables you to manage your own or your family relatives healthcare, based on real time valid health dataa and vital signs. In the same time healthcare providers are able to reach their clients or patients with fine-tuned healthcare related messages and healthcare, treatment, drug adherence related activities.

Medistance Connect is an online portal of your 360 degree healthcare management: to store, view, analyze and export your own vital data monitored by a broad selection of compatible clinically validated medical devices. Based on your healthcare profile using a number of meaningful statistics and tables for vital signs (e.g. blood pressure, blood glucose, activity, weight, body temperature, your measurements and nutrition) are always available at a glance on smartphones, tablets, PCs at three subscibed service level.

Possibilities offered by Medistance Connect are used by healthcare providers, representing the full scope of healthcare and services provided for individual clients, patients. The system is used by practices and call centers as well as consultancies, educational, training course providers and insurance companies.

Using the wide scope of possibilities offered by health status, behavioural analysis and automated communication, healthcare provider companies from B2B2C sector can recognize their contacts’ healthcare interests and accordingly fine-tune the content of meassages, emails and the moment these should be sent, as well as the look of the additional website and the ads published in ther communication network.

Medistance Connect application will also take data from the iPhone's onboard motion sensors and GPS so you'll be able to glean data about your steps, burned calories, distance and flights of stairs climbed just through carrying your iPhone on your person.

Through Apple's HealthKit API, the Health app syncs up with various third-party apps and devices that keep tabs on your movement, sleep, weight, body fat percentage, blood pressure, nutrition, body temperature and reams of other quantifiable data.

The simple dashboard instantly has the benefit of letting you go directly to what you want to look at and ignoring everything else.

Tapping on each one will take you to a new screen that gives you a breakdown of your latest recorded data. For example, go to Activity and you'll see a list of entries detailing how active you've been on that day, that month and that year.

How can you use Medistance Connect for B2B2C

Automated clients' health status, activity management integrated with clients master data and profile within Medistance frame platform powered by SAP

  • Medistance Connect app collects, syncronizes 18 kinds of vital signs, 14 kinds of activity, environment, metabolism results and register 34 kinds of nutrition, vitamin, mineral components
  • Medistance app calculates 6 kinds of health risks profiles of the user, based on clinically validated medical protocols and encryopted syncronizes same with secure Medistance frame server
  • Apart of end user, there is a real time follow up and supervision of healthcare profile of 3 or more (optional) additional members of clients' family in case of the whole family is serviced
  • Integration and real time syncronization with Apple Health application and real time data from further 70 kinds of health, wellness, fittness, nutrition related application
  • Integration with clinically validated medical devices, e.g. OMRON blood pressure monitors, body composition monitors, activity trackers and blood glucose monitors for the most accurate readings and precise evaluation of health risks
  • Ability to monitor the health status of your family relatives (kids, elderly parents) even in real time if needed
  • Sending messages, making the clients to follow up with regular self monitoring
  • Interview of clients about main health risk factors for risk calculation
  • Interview of clients about behavioural events/li>
  • Periodic messages to adjust the healthcare plan or treatment process
  • Qualitative management of one's healthcare plan

Dynamic recommendations:

  • Recommendation modules based on automated analysis of your health profile
  • Dynamic recommendation pop-ups shown to navigate hesitant clients to act
  • Reports on contact behaviour/communication activities

There are a lot of apps that can communicate to Medistance Connect via the Apple Health, meaning the Health app can pull your data from a wide range of applications you already use. Above we've mentioned some, but how to get them communicating and how do you find the right apps to use?

One helpful way is to simply tap on one of the categories on the Apple Health Data menu and scroll down. Toward the bottom you'll see a list of apps recommended for that category. For nutrition, examples include things like MyFitnessPal's Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker or some recipe apps.

There are two ways to add data to the Medistance Connect via Apple Health app. The first is automatically via connected devices and apps. The second is manually. While it's preferable and more convenient to use automatic syncing, there are some occasions when adding metrics manually is unavoidable. Maybe you went for a run without your device but don't want to miss out on adding those precious miles.

For example, if you're tracking your asthma 'Inhaler Usage', that has to be added manually. Just find the metric within Apple Health Data tab and tap the little cross in the top right corner.