Healthcare Calendar

The Medistance calendar and care agenda is much more than a mere time organiser. Not only does it provide information on past activities, but also helps in task management and more, allowing for quick planning and task automation.

How does the Medistance calendar work?

The calendar is a very simple tool that will greatly improve the efforts of healthcare providers, care- and health coach teams. Automatic data downloading helps save time, while simplified mailing makes care management a breeze. Practices can plan emailing clients and oversee communication processes with surprising ease. Members of care team, on the other hand, can quickly decide on optimal times for sharing data. End users can also monitor deeply the details of each register of their clients' database by taking a brief look at the calendar and accessing current statistics.

User benefits

  • Ability to supervise the implementation of pre-registrations and planned activities at any time
  • Instant accessibility of full deep data stream, statistical reports on conducted activity
  • Ability to view and oversee the database in real time by monitoring data import/export processes in Medistance
  • Ability to supervise work and cooperation efficancy by monitoring activities of specific clients or users

Medistance powered by SAP Business One for SAP HANA helps healthcare providers of all sizes and healthcare administration run like never before.
From clinical back office and patient’s home environment to daily practice boardroom, pharmacy warehouse to ward storefront, desktop to mobile device, Medistance empowers people, healthcare specialists and organisations to work together more efficiently and use treatment workflow insight more effectively with online clinically valid vital signs to improve quality of life. We do this by extending the availability of Internet of clinically validated mobile medical devices, software across on-premise installations, on-demand deployments and mobile communication devices.