General Practitioner’s Office

General Practitioner’s Office

Validated monitoring devices with secure machine-to-machine health status data transfers increase patient comfort and security in drug and lifestyle management through instant diagnoses and adjustments made by doctors and specialists from their offices.


  • Provide a single health status view of the patient and share medical insights across practice collaboration
  • Optimize patient engagement with more, relevant information and transparency into care
  • Improve patient safety and treatment outcomes, reduce medical expenses and administrative costs
  • Optimize treatment processes
  • Automatization of health risks calculation
  • Save time, costs and labour resorces with clinicallily valid remote monitoring and treatment integrated with practice management platform



Examples of use

  • Monitoring health status and drug adherence of patients with chronic cardiovascular disease by an optimal fleet of medical devices connected to the Medistance platform
  • Screening of health status and risks of the locally cared population
  • Fast consultation and second opinion about patients' health status via an integrated, closed circuit communication channel
  • Care management of patient with a team of speacialists involved

Why to choose Medistance powered by SAP Business One with HANA?

  • Secure data transport, storage, analysis and connectivity to home healthcare devices
  • Big Data insights linked to SAP® business applications that are widely used by healthcare professionals
  • Remote, secure access to vital data that supports risk evaluation,treatment workflow and administration management
  • State-of-the-art in-memory technology platform with continually enhanced applications
  • Remote, interactive analysis and dashboard reporting within the platform
  • Analytics platform to perform Big Data real-time evaluations, cardiovascular risk reports, treatment workflows and drug optimization based on clinical protocols
  • Mobile access via Medistance Connect and Connect Pro to real-time data in SAP HANA Cloud Platform


  • Increased healthcare service productivity with improved patent and drug management
  • Measurable resource-efficiency evaluation of collaborative treatment workflow and less unnecessary visits

Effects of use

  • 18% Increase of better blood pressure, glucose, CVD values and risk profiles
  • Improved patient lifestyle management communications and treatment planning
  • Faster patient administration, reporting, drug agent revision and rescheduling
  • Lower administration costs and risk of improper drug management
  • Better visibility into effectiveness of drug agent, lifestyle and treatment outcomes

Customer Reference

“I am responsible for the success of the treatment, so I really need a constant follow up of the changes in my patient’s health status. Medistance has brought more security, reliability and efficiency to my practice. Now I am able to plan my activities and resources, based on the routines of the system, which was impossible before.”

Dr. Anikó Ambrus. General Practitioner in Dpt. of 3rd district in Budapest