Elderly Care Center – Retirement Home

Elderly care center - Retirement Home

Secure machine-to-machine health status data transfers increase elderly people's comfort and security in lifestyle management through instant remote monitoring, diagnoses and adjustments made by care providers and specialists from their offices.


  • Provide a single health status view of the elderly people and share medical insights across care provider collaboration
  • Optimize patient engagement with more, relevant information and transparency into care
  • Improve patient safety and treatment outcomes, reduce medical expenses and administrative costs
  • Save time, costs and labour resorces with clinicallily valid remote monitoring and treatment



Examples of use

  • Remote monitoring of vital signs, lifestyle behaviour of elderly people staying in retirement homes, based on their ID
  • Service of personal health risk calculation with reports to the the relatives of elderly people
  • Follow up of care process of elderly citizens, supervised by the remotely based healthcare provider call center
  • Distance education, training and risk management for elderly people about healthcare know-how

Why to choose Medistance powered by SAP Business One with HANA?

  • Secure data transport, storage, analysis and connectivity to home healthcare devices
  • Big Data insights linked to SAP® business applications that are widely used by healthcare professionals
  • Remote, secure access to vital data that supports risk evaluation, treatment workflow and administration management
  • State-of-the-art in-memory technology platform with continually enhanced applications
  • Remote, interactive analysis and dashboard reporting within the platform
  • Analytics platform to perform Big Data real-time evaluations, cardiovascular risk reports, treatment workflows and drug optimization based on clinical protocols
  • Mobile access via Medistance Connect and Connect Pro to real-time data in SAP HANA Cloud Platform/li>


  • Increased remote monitoring service productivity with improved elderly care, collaboration, drug management
  • Measurable resource-efficiency evaluation of collaborative treatment workflow, increased security, responsibility

Effects of use

  • 34% Increase of positive feedback by relatives, elderly people with follow up the irregular health status, risk profiles
  • Improved cooperation in lifestyle management, communication, care and treatment planning
  • Faster administration, reporting, care setup, revision, reschedulinig, communication with relatives, specialists
  • Lower administration costs and risk of improper drug management
  • Better visibility into care effectiveness, lifestyle, collaboration and treatment outcomes

Customer Reference

“With SAP Medistance platform we are able to remotely manage the care and even daily critical health status values of our senior guests, and are able to contact the most relevant persons, specialists, relatives to share these valuable, important information. This gives comfort and security also for relatives, customers and their elderly parents too.”

Attila Kereszthegyi, Owner of Senior House Care Provider, Mohacs, Hungary