Collaboration Relationship Management (CRM)

Control all the information on patients, co-providers and supporters including profiles, contact communication, e-learning, treatment activity summaries, account balances and optimum treatment analysis.

Multichannel Communication, E-Learning, Training

One of the major principles of effective preventative healthcare e-learning, content sharing management is the need to abandon the inflexible strategies of communication via isolated channels and transition into multichannel way of sharing healthcare information. Today, we prefer to talk about points of contact between the potential clients, citizens, patients and the care provider, insurance administration, private insurance company. Such points occur in many channels simultaneously, so it is important to manage your communication in a way which will guarantee consistent message in every channel available to the clients and citizens.

Features supporting Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel communication:
Medistance Connect mobile application – dynamic adjustment of contents , interviews and notifications within the application
Medistance call-center and direct consultation – you can provide call-center and professional consulting teams with access to profiles of clients, patients and their care team or healthcare interests
E-mail – dynamically adjusted or predefined knowledge contents and programs
SMS – automatically personalized text messages and two-way communication

Effects of use

Multichannel healthcare communication requires a secure system which will coordinate activities, mailings and track the behaviour of clients, patients, citizens after they have received the message. Using multiple channels, you are more likely to reach target groups and above all, addressing their specific healthcare content needs. Using systematic multichannel communication:

  • you reach a particular target group with a tailored preventative healthcare content message at the point of contact between the targeted client and your company
  • you increase interactive communication, content conversion in each channel, as well as in the entire process of a program or a preventative healthcare project
  • you optimize costs, related to the use of e.g. call center or project channels owing to proper identification of the most effective ones