Service of Healthcare Supervision

Optimise the potential of patient’s individual medical supervision and call-center service, providing support for medical device service operations, service provider’s contract management, service planning and tracking of patient’s providers interaction activities.

Integrations with CRM, ERP and Call Centers

The knowledge about your clients, patients and their needs comes mainly from tracking their health status and lifestyle remotely, as well as the interactions and communication transactions. However, these are not the only available source as apart from those which use profile identification, we can extract and supply client information directly from and to CRM, Medistance ERP and Call Center systems. Thanks to its unique features, Medistance allows us to automate those workflows, which optimize your operations and interchange them via APIs at clients' profile whose data and transactions are stored in other systems.

Examples of use

With this information you will be able to run a wide range of automated actions, including:
EDUCATION – automated educational programs about health risks before or after the client has a health related event
CALL CENTER – automated notifications, requesting contact and access to the client’s profile and recommended topic of the conversation
PREVENTIVE – programs and healthcare plans, based on interviews anf risk calculations



How does it work?

Every contact's master data or transactional data stored in the other ERP/CRM system may be automatically transferred to Medistance via Medistance API. Alongside the contact, Medistance is capable of communicating in real time with the other ERP system and downloading transactional data, related to a particular person. This data will be used later for automated segmentation and automation of your healthcare supervision operations.

Service contract:
Allows users to create a regular support or warranty contract for items or services sold to a customer.

Customer equipment card:
Provides service technicians with detailed information about an item sold to a client customer, such as a medical device manufacturer’s serial number, replacement serial number and all service call history. It also lists service contracts assigned to the item.

Clients', patients' device report:
Shows all equipment and corresponding serial numbers, operating in the fleet or range of a practice or healthcare provider.



Telemedical consulting service calls:
Allows users in practice to view all service calls entered into the system. Users can restrict the report to only see service calls for a specific queue, technician, problem type, priority, item and call status. Users can view only overdue calls.

Telemedical consulting service calls by queue:
Tracks all pending consulting service calls in the queue. Various call statuses can be monitored and calls can be assigned to individual care project supervisor, coach, technicians or maintained in a team queue.

Response time by assignee:
Enables users to follow the interaction between a client, patient and call center service and to record the time necessary to respond to a single call service call.

Knowledge base:
The system can accumulate a knowledge base of typical activities, predictive programs and medical call center service suggestions. These are searchable from the medical service call logging.