Insurance Company – Health Insurance

Insurance Company - Health Insurance

Secure health status data transfers and health risk feedbacks increase clients health comfort and security in preventative lifestyle management through instant, interactive communication and adjustments made by healthcare coaches and specialists from their offices.


  • Provide personal, preventative healthcare insurance product with health status, risk stratification of the client and share healthcare insights across healthcare coaches' collaboration
  • Optimize insured clients' engagement with more, relevant information and transparency into healthcare
  • Improve client health safety and healthcare outcomes, lifestyle activity management with providing rewards with bonuses in insurance fee
  • Follow up clients'healthcare plans and agenda with clinicallily valid remote monitoring via Medistance mobile app and IoT mobile medical devices or wearables

Examples of use

  • Perform health status monitoring of fleets of preventative healthcare insured clients with health risks stratification fleet of great number of patients, followed by specialist supervisors and monitored by healthcare coaches.
  • Systematic follow up of health status of clients, based on the interactive activity, task management agenda
  • Sponsoring loyal healthcare providers'practices with a simple, innovative telecare platform
  • Systematic follow up and monitoring of drug adherence, persistancy of focused clients via fleets of specialists' supervision for more effective optimal healthcare
  • Follow up of healthcare, lifestyle behaviour, activities, drug related prescriptions of clients or the family members of clients

Why to choose Medistance powered by SAP Business One with HANA?

  • Secure data transport, storage, analysis and connectivity to home healthcare devices
  • Big Data insights linked to SAP® business applications that are widely used by healthcare professionals
  • Remote, secure access to vital data that supports risk evaluation, healthcare workflow and administration management
  • State-of-the-art in-memory technology platform with continually enhanced applications
  • Remote, interactive analysis and dashboard reporting within the platform
  • Analytics platform to perform Big Data real-time evaluations, cardiovascular risk reports, treatment workflows and drug optimization based on clinical protocols
  • Mobile access via Medistance Connect and Connect Pro to real-time data in SAP HANA Cloud Platform


  • Increased healthcare service productivity within the insurance company project with improved client and drug management
  • Measurable resource-efficiency evaluation of collaborative healthcare workflow, controlled healthcare management

Effects of use

  • Better cardiovascular risk profiles during healthcare control of lifestyle management
  • Faster healthcare risk status reporting and intervention planning for better healthcare outcome
  • Visibility into healthcare-effectiveness and treatment outcomes per regions or population for better health insurance planning