Care Planning and Coordination

Medistance system delivers coordinated, managed care via online communities and mobile medical devices that enables collaborative problem solving based on the clinically valid health status data and accepted treatment protocols.

Available features

  • Pre-registration function of clients with activity agenda in the master data manager module
  • Client, patient history: risk calculation values, prescription records, ECG, vital sign charts
  • Client masterdata with relevant medical records, remote monitored health status values
  • Examination note, drug management history
  • Detailed calendar, agenda view with my activities, delayed task functionality
  • Treatment planning with protocol template, activity steps
  • Drug management setup with drug adherence monitoring via mobile application
  • Setup of healthcare collaboration plans with patient related tasks



Technology for real time personal health status tracking

Monitoring of clients in Medistance has been made possible thanks to our clinically validated, innovative medical data transmission and client fleet management, monitoring, reporting technology designed for personal tracking in practice collaboration, which is supported by super-efficient data processing engine mechanisms, enabling us to deliver millions of data of particular end users to our customers.



Effects of use

  • Increased healthcare service efficiency with improved patient and drug management
  • Measurable resource-efficiency evaluation of collaborative treatment workflow
  • Less unnecessary visits
  • Secure data transport, storage, analysis and connectivity to home healthcare devices
  • Real time Big Data insights linked to business applications used by healthcare professionals
  • Predictive desicion making based onto remote interactive analysis and dashboard reporting
  • Managing IT infrastructure with minimal investment