Manage healthcare supplier transactions such as issuing purchase quote and orders, updating medical device fleet stock, calculating incoming costs for service and inventory items, and processing payments.


Medistance powered by SAP Business One enables users to order any medical materials or services from suppliers which will immediately be reflected in the available quantities for the stock item. Users are able to split a single purchase order into multiple parts when, for example, items need to be shipped to multiple locations. Splits or revisions are required so that different packing slips and delivery notes can be created for each shipment. Any line item within a purchase order can be shipped to, or specified as a different warehouse location.


“We have a complete, integrated solution to manage our entire business. We improved purchase planning significantly, reducing time and cost with better results. This let us increase service and profits without additional resources.”


Warehouse and Accounting Integration

Goods receipts enable users to receive a delivery at the warehouse or allocate deliveries to multiple warehouses. These can be linked to a purchase order and users are able to change the purchase order quantity versus the actual received quantity. Supplier returns for repair or without credit can be handled using the goods returns document.


Reports can be generated with real-time data and displayed in various formats, within the dashboards or even on mobile devices.