Rewards and Fulfillment

Track individual treatment, lifestyle progress and measure effectiveness of healthcare plan or drug management and rewards.

Available features

  • Supervisior consultant call centre supported by patient history and treatment workflow
  • Individual drug adherence report vs. setup of drug management plan
  • Solution centre optimized with Big Data evaluation by AI for immediate treatment action
  • Healthcare service report for individual tracking and rewarding



Effects of use

Complete relevant real time health status, activity of the client available to the consultant during the chat - imagine how much it can add to valuable conversation with the client if the consultant could see in real time not just the master data of the contact but additionally the information about the history of the preventative healthcare, treatment activities, records of the client, which providers, drugs, protocol, plans were involved in the healthcare process, and what health status outcome has been reached from those.

Ready-made personalized activity, drug management recommendations available to be sent during the conversation by the consultant with one click - from now on professional consultant may not just talk but actually can set and send the recommended plan or activity during the conversation, thanks to a variety of possible predicted action, activity solution center module that can appear during the conversation. The recommendations are based on our AI & Machine Learning Algorithms, last mostly required care activity, drug agent supervision to cover the need of client optimal care process.


The outcome of care greatly depends on patients' behavior when they leave the doctor's office. Physicians have no control over their patients' habist such as smoking, exercise or healthy nutrition.


Get the most important health risks analytics of your client and share the care possibilities, performance history and log, not just consultants’ response times – see how much you are actually managing thanks to the tool – Thanks to Medistance call and solution center modules become an integral part of your educating, care trimming process. While the analytical dashboards such as master data with health status analitycs give you the overview of the results achieved by your client, the service report dashboard gives a full survey of activities transaction performed.

Fast and easy search of data of the client is asking for and delivering them by the consultant in real time during the conversation – save client’s and consultant’s time.

You should also know

If consultants are not available, Medistance will leave messages to the next available consultant that will automatically build communication with you.

The consultant can send the care plan recommendations to a client, based on AI & Machine Learning analysis via integrated mail engine.