Business cases

Medistance powered by SAP Business One for SAP HANA is an affordable, easy-to implement, complete intelligent healthcare management solution available on premise, in the cloud, and powered by a secure in-memory computing database. It is designed specifically for small and midsize GP’s practices, healthcare providers companies and enables users, members to better plan, manage, and optimize personal health-, drug-, lifestyle management and wellness outside traditional healthcare settings while reducing costs and improving satisfaction and care quality.

General Practitioners, Healthcare Specialists and Assistants all can process information more effectively, helping them make sound treatment, appropriate lifestyle management decisions. Through one single system, healthcare providers, business owners and managers can now get on-demand access to a true and unified picture of critical, up-to-the-minute practice management business information across the entire healthcare organisation, as well as a wide range analitical date about efficiency of individual personalized treatment, drug management, cost and time perfomance, based on the permanent on-line dataflow of actual vital signs of the relevant patient’s.