Event Monitoring and Alerting

Collect patients' data from home via wireless machine to machine medical devices and send alerts when patient's status exceeds the limits.

Available features

  • Collecting patients' health status data from home via clinically validated medical devices (e.g. Blood Pressure monitor, Blood Glucose monitor, ECG)
  • Sending health status data via wireless machine to machine data transmitter - HUB - to frame data server
  • Monitoring, data transmission of 1 - 4 family end users at home
  • Monitoring, data transmission of patient fleets based on ID input with optional keyboard
  • Real time health risk stratification based on clinically accepted scoring algorithm
  • Alert mangement over the preset health status value threshold limit
  • Simple plug-in system, no need for setup or configuration of each medical sensors
  • Dedicated, fix IP for each end user for easy network administration
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) encrypted channel for data protection of each user
  • Easy to use anytime anywhere globally via telco systems
  • Remote supervision of the state of HUB (e.g. battery, memory capacity)



Effects of use

  • Ability to Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) of user health status
  • More efficient use of the health database of your client or patient
  • Ability to monitor behavior in response to healthcare and treatment plans
  • Improves case visibility and helps optimize asset utilization, improving cash flow


Why should an insurer pay for an expensive ECG or ultrasound in a hospital, or for a visit to a doctor's office, if cheaper mobile devices and remote consultations work just as well?

Economist Intelligence Unit, Power to the Patient: How mobile technology is transforming healthcare


Customer Reference

Medistance healthcare, and patient account management is extremely efficient and well organized. Our project manager is fast in reply and efficient in solution finding and advice recommendation. Being new to the technology, we have worked very close to support and received guidance and solutions to our questions and issues.
We are also on top of the new developments of Sales Manago thanks to our project manager’s openness to always present us novelties and support in deciding which works for us and in what moment. Happy customers with both our account and the solution.

Medoc Ltd. Laszlo Kiss CEO