Medistance Connect – Basic level

Basic level of service against a single fee provides:

  • Knowledge base with dynamically changing content for your personalized healthcare based on your profile
  • Video tutorial for smart healthcare devices, connected applications and solutions
  • Health status data monitored via connected medical devices and sensors
  • Rate of your activities, calories burned, monitored via connected wearables, followed by mobile applications like Apple Health
  • Interview forms of 10 kinds of health risks stratification like cardiovascular risk, high blood pressure risk, overwight risk, high blood glucose risk, mental disorder (stress, depression risk) for evaluation of your personal health risk
  • Personal health risks evaluation with reporting the result of same, based on clinically valid protocol
  • Proposal forms for personal preventative healthcare project with dayly agenda
  • Personal agenda for the follow up of scheduled activities
  • Secure, personal intranet message link with access to healthcare coach, healthcare provider, doctor, specialist within Medistance Connect intra message system

If used regularly, the Medistance Connect app provide keen users with a huge array of quantifiable health data, leading to greater education, identification of trends, better choices and changes in lifestyle that can lead to longer and healthier lives.

Medistance service is to enable users to share the collected data, health risks analysis, healthcare or treatment process detailes with their medical practitioners via secure, clinically validated platform. It could lead to earlier diagnoses, better preventative prescriptions and a greater understanding of conditions, more improved quality of life.