Personalized Healthcare Plan, E-learning

Provide personalized treatment, healthcare plan, tailored educational resources for patients with access to collaborators and supporters.

Available features

  • Personalized health risk stratification based on Medistance mobile application interview
  • Personalized education content management based on the risk analysis
  • Personalized healthcare based on interactive communication, messages and monitored activities
  • Module for setup of treatment plan, based on temlates and predifined contents
  • E-learning via webinar contents and video consulatations

Examples of use

  • Reminders, notifications on pending deadlines of activities and virtual training
  • Two-way, multi-channel communication with your prospective clients
  • Organizing healthcare campaigns with local supporters to monitor health risks of citizens
  • Pharma companies campaigning for drug adherence monitoring

Effects of use

  • Accelerate life habit change with knowledge, checks, simulations and activity instructions
  • Download course materials quickly and continue to work while offline
  • Clients or patients receive complete class content, video tutorials and interactive exercises
  • Increase the speed of end user training and adoption of recommendations
  • Wide range of segmented communication helps to personalize education