Treatment Planning and Medical Device Management

Easy master data registration, anamnesis obtaining, care planning, prescription of drugs, investigations, services, creating access for collaborative care providers, managing invoices, payment and accounts receivables as well as user licences. Control all the information on patients, co-providers and supporters, including profiles, contact communication, treatment activity summaries, account balances and optimum treatment analysis.

All-in-one, fully automated Deep Data Integration in Medistance

Medistance offers advanced and fully automated Deep Data Integration with the most up to date, popular cutting edge mobile medical devices and healthcare appliacation platforms, including OMRON and Apple.

The integration makes it possible to transfer much more than basic master data and lifestyle behavior of clients during the care. It also delivers insights into their real time vital signs (e.g. blood pressure, blood glucose, ECG patterns) and more dozens of health related events with history directly to the Medistance intelligent server engine. The integration process itself is straightforward and fully automated.


Personalized medicine focuses on analyzing a persons's genome, enviromental, social, biometrical and religious infulencers and determining a treatment for the individual, based on the data.

SAP Digitalist Magazine, 3 Main Contributing Factors To The Adoption of Personalized Machine


Medical device management dashboard

There is an easy registration and connect menu of recommended medical devices with the necessary setup menu for the closed circuit data communication for the healthcare providers.


Only the most agile and quick-responding healthcare companies and life science organizations will survive the changing environment.

Accenture, Accenture Reveals Disruptive Forces Driving a New Order in the Healthcare Business Models.


Healthcare Education with E-learning Campaigns

Healthcare Education with E-learning Campaigns is a new E-Learning concept associated with campaigns aiming to prepare healthcare prevention and conscious citizens to make a health conscious decision. Such programs can be run on E-Learnig, Communication Automation systems – like a modul of Medistance. Health insurance companies and healthcare administrations that excel at preventative healthcare education program generate more healthy workforce and less immediate care costs with the best return on investment.

Available solutions

Possibilities of using E-Learning, Communication Automation system of Medistance Connect are virtually unlimited, with a wide variety of informative, educational hints and programs for your end users.

Automated content messages – Medistance system will send dedicated messages to identified end users after their visit or activity. A well constructed content message may instantly identify the area of activity of your clients and equip them with the knowledge about healthcare related topic or service product range.

Cycles - Drip programs  – the essence of E-Learning Automation, creating and sendingpredefined healthcare information sets at specified intervals to particular citizen groups. You can create fine-tuned cycles to reach individual clients, different cycles designed for small and medium groups and still others for huge population groups.Targeting all these groups with the same message would negatively impact the effectiveness of education performance.