Social Healthcare Networking

Expand care collaboration teams, connect care providers, relatives, supporters with patients and securely access, publish patient's data.

Available features

  • Integral patient’s medical stance and care team relationship management
  • Unique, personalised work centres, integrated with Medistance Connect Pro mobile application
  • Collaborative healthcare campaign planning with series of activities and follow ups
  • Healthcare, citizen group monitoring campaign planning wizard
  • Medistance Connect iOS and Android mobile application with drug mangement setup tool with reporting cockpit
  • Module to setup the care team configuration around the treated patient with personalized user licences

Effects of use

  • Engage members and providers in value-based care decisions
  • Reduce medical expenses and administrative costs, using virtual visits
  • Improve patient safety and medical outcomes via interactive communication
  • Treatment performance vs. treatment and drug costs optimalization control

Customer Reference

„Medistance powered by SAP Business One for SAP HANA proactively supports healthcare provider’s practices, medication adherence, provide regular measurement of clinical outcomes, and optimize treatment, lifestyle changes that are necessary to manage a chronic condition.
As other sytems fail to support these objectives, integration with new supportive technologies with methods for proactive communications between patients and team of care providers we decided to use this solution in our practice. It will be essential to provide high value with lower resource utilization.”